My paintings are all about beauty and nature in its many forms. Ephemeral images and shocking reality are the things dreams are made of. An approaching storm, the rush of an angel’s wing, the lusciousness of a flower’s petal or the poignant expression on a human face. I approach all my paintings with this poetic intensity to immerse the viewer into my world of magical conflict. If only for a brief moment, and then allow them to see what they want and immerse themselves on their own journey.


Always exploring new methods and techniques in her work, Nergis uses mixed media, charcoal, watercolours, egg tempera, oils and acrylic paints, to seamlessly create a landscape at once both familiar and unique. As life is ever changing and evolving – so is her work— yet there remains a consistency in its ethos that has itself become her signature “style”. She often explores symbols and ornamental motifs drawn from her rich Pakistani heritage.


There is a constant tension between the precision
of her line drawing set against a loosely painted background —
figures and floating objects, abstract and realistic existing in the same plane.


Archway Gallery Houston
Group exhibition 2015

Cloister Gallery Houston
Solo Exhibition 2014

Caroline Garcia Art Gallery Houston
Group Show 2013

Canal Street Gallery Houston
Group Show 2012

Amergy Bank Houston
Group Show 2012

Glassel School Art Exhibition

Zenaini Gallery Karachi
Solo Show 2009




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